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November 24, 2006

Keeping up-to-date with RSS, blogs, etc

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Hi everyone:

I have several purposes for posting today:

1) to see if I can actually do it!

2) I’ve just been introduced to Bloglines and discovered that there is an RSS feed on the Library Leaders blog. For those of you who might be like me and didn’t know anything about this,  is a great alerting tool for keeping up-to-date on new postings in your favourite blogs.

It’s very easy to register with bloglines to set up your own acct.  Then go into your favourite blog and look for the little orange icon (might have little lines in it or say RSS, XML etc).  Right click on the icon and then paste it into the box under the “Add” feature in your Bloglines acct.  Blogs with new postings will be bolded in your list.  Look for the little orange box on the Library Leaders blog and you can get the RSS feed.

3) I went to an excellent SLA Toronto meeting last night on RSS feeds etc and one of the speakers was “our own” Connie Crosby.   She gave a fabulous talk on wikis and some of the great collaborative work you can use them for.  For instance their entire presentation was done via wiki and you can view it at   It is full of wonderful links and many many things I have never heard of before!

Has anyone used a wiki for association type activity – ie for posting minutes, sharing news, directory info, etc?



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