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This website is based on a meeting organized by Vicki Whitmell called the Library Leaders Institute, first held in Ontario in October 2006.  The idea for the Institute arose from her own need for a different kind of interaction, thinking and learning than she had been able to find at general library conferences and available professional development and training seminars.

As a library executive, her issues were about the relationships she has with  employers, colleagues,  staff and users and clients.   She wanted to learn how to get those working with her to understand and be interested in accepting and moving forward new ideas and to think about and plan for the long-term.

As a library leader she was also concerned about the growth of the profession, advocating the importance of libraries within our organizations and communities, and developing the next group of leaders. We must be aware of the impact of our decisions on others and on our organizations, be able to focus on the real issues confronting libraries and be able to think, act, lead and capitalize on opportunities.


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