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February 26, 2007


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Inspired by our talk of being an aid to the next generation, I recently volunteered to be a mentor to a student at Western.  (That sudden whooshing sound is years flying by – it was stunning to realize that it’s been 17 years since I graduated from UWO! ACK!)

 I had to smile when the student asked me (in slightly woeful tones) if she really had to join associations and schmooze as she had heard at school. Although I can remember feeling the same reluctance at that point in my career, I couldn’t honestly tell her that she can cruise through her career without becoming involved in the larger life of her profession. There are *lots* of people who do (too many), but the benefits you gain from being able to share with others who share the same perspective, challenges and context are so significant that I think you do yourself and your employer a disservice if you don’t participate.

 Rob Hyndman is going to be speaking to TALL next month on Web 2.0 – I think the new technologies are fantastic, and I’m eagerly learning everything I can about them. But in the end, they are merely a new forum – a new way to transmit the impulse to share.

We need to continue to encourage that impulse, regardless of the form it takes.



February 1, 2007

Library Leadership in a World Community

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It’s too late for us to apply, but thought I would point out this event being hosted by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records:  Thinking Outside the Borders: Library Leadership in a World Community , February 18-20, 2007 being held in Phoenix and aimed at Mid-level to Senior Library Managers.  This three-day program is limited to 15 librarians from Arizona and 15 librarians from countries other than the U.S.   Librarians from outside the U.S. who complete the program receive a $1,000 debit card as scholarship to off-set travel costs.

The program is a pre-conference workshop to Transborder Library Forum 2007  being held in Tempe, Arizona February 20-24, 2007 by the Arizona State University Libraries.

It sounds to me a lot like Vicki’s Library Leaders Institute, with added emphasis on global thinking. 


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