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January 8, 2007

Grooming Next-Generation Leaders

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The recent Harvard Business School HBS Working Knowledge article entitled Grooming Next-Generation Leaders raises some interesting points that could be applicable across many organizations, including libraries. One of the points that it stresses is the need for the potential leader to see beyond their area of expertise and understand various aspects of the business.




  1. Donna – this looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

    In my darker moments, I would propose that the need to develop this skill is limited to emerging leaders! One of the recurring problems in the KM world is breaking down silos and parochial thinking around sharing information – if staff really understand the business, then you can have very fruitful discussions about what information needs to be widely available, and what needs to be more tightly controlled. Without this attitude, the subtext seems to be “But that’s more work for me! I won’t do it.”, and the initiative fails.


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